Warm weather in Georgia brings out more motorcyclists, which often leads to additional accidents on the roadways. The state does require motorcycle helmets, but not all riders wear them.

Motorcyclists have an increased chance of experiencing a traumatic brain injury after a collision, which can lead to disabilities, impairments and fatalities.

Highest risk group

According to a study published by the National Institutes of Health, motorcycle and moped riders account for the highest risk groups for traffic fatalities and injuries. Riders experienced higher Injury Severity Scores with increased risk of dying the first day in the hospital following an accident.

The injuries sustained included additional head injuries, spinal fractures and skeletal injuries. Lower extremity injuries happened at an increased risk than even moped riders. In fact, about 12% of all deaths related to motor vehicles are from motorcycle accidents.

Helmets lower risks

SpinalCord.com states that a helmet may help a motorcyclist avoid a TBI after an accident. Motorcyclists who wear helmets have a significantly lower risk than those who go without.

Riding without a helmet leaves the rider completely vulnerable to a head injury. Most fatalities from motorcycle accidents happen due to a TBI, making helmets a valuable asset. The helmet may be the only thing between the head and the road, tree or another hard object.

The force of the accident can cause damage to the brain even if the rider did not eject from the motorcycle. This force can cause the brain to move inside the school building up pressure the reduces the blood supply resulting in damage.