Real Estate Law

Experienced and Efficient at Real Estate Closings

Attorney William L. Hale has conducted hundreds of real estate closings throughout North Georgia, including purchases and refinances for both residential and commercial properties. From the title exam through the signing of documents to the issuance of title insurance, his experience and expertise will make your closing experience as smooth as possible, and he will be available to answer questions you have throughout the process.

First American Title Insurance Agent

Eberhardt & Hale, L.L.P. is also an authorized agent for First American Title Insurance Company, a national provider of Title Insurance. As an agent, we have issued title insurance policies for properties ranging anywhere from inexpensive residential transactions to $20 million commercial deals. Let a title policy issued by Eberhardt & Hale, L.L.P. with the backing of First American give you peace of mind concerning your purchase or loan.

Comprehensive Real Estate Attorneys

In addition to the services they provide in closings and the issuance of title insurance, Eberhardt & Hale, L.L.P. also provides services in other areas of Real Estate law, including the preparation and review of purchase/sale agreements, and if necessary, representation in Real Estate Litigation. Our experience in all aspects of Real Estate Law can be a tremendous advantage over other attorneys who do not practice real estate law in matters such as boundary line disputes, title disputes, and real estate contract disputes.

Contact Eberhardt & Hale, L.L.P. toll free at 866-692-1091 or contact us online for assistance with your residential or commercial real estate needs.