During the spring months and throughout the year, those with allergies face many challenges. Discomfort is very common and allergies interfere with lives in many other ways, from adversely impacting job performance to increasing the chances of a car crash. In fact, allergy symptoms cause many drivers to become distracted or suffer from fatigue. 

Some people take medicine to help with allergy symptoms, but this can lead to drowsiness that impacts driving abilities. Drivers struggling with allergies are also more likely to collide with motorcyclists and other vehicles as well as pedestrians and bicyclists. Moreover, they often have more difficulty paying attention to traffic signs and watching out for various hazards such as debris. 

The consequences of drowsy driving 

Some people do not realize the extent to which allergy medicine, including drugs that are sold over the counter, impact their driving. Many allergy medications cause people to become drowsy, which affects a driver’s ability to focus on the road, stay within the speed limit and follow various traffic safety guidelines. In fact, drivers even fall asleep or doze off while driving because of medication. For those who take a lot of allergy medicine or do not have very much experience with certain drugs, this is especially likely. 


If a driver collided with you as a result of allergy symptoms or the effects of a drug they were taking to combat allergies, it is imperative to look into your legal options. Moreover, drivers need to watch out for these risks while on the road and our law firm covers related topics on our blog.