When a beloved family member is killed in a catastrophic truck accident in Georgia, suffering the loss can be excruciating. And then there are funeral arrangements and costs to contend with, and medical bills likely to arrive soon.  All of this becomes worse if the driver denies responsibility and the insurance company’s goal is to pay as little compensation as possible. It might feel as though the company is counting on the family to lack the strength to fight back. 

Still, one bereaved family did fight back. The Gainesville Times reports that a jury awarded over $15 million to the relatives of a man killed while walking home by an overturned truck trailer. The insurance company claimed that the accident was the result of an “act of God.” The truck driver contended that he was the victim of a sudden, severe illness that caused him to choke and possibly lose consciousness before he drove off the road. 

However, during the trial, the victim’s attorneys uncovered that the driver had a history of health issues as well as multiple instances of lying on his Department of Transportation medical exam. Siding against the insurance company and the driver, the jury awarded punitive damages for wrongful death, as well as compensation for attorney’s fees, medical and funeral costs. 

After losing a loved one to a tragic truck accident, battling a large insurance company that refuses to acknowledge liability can feel like too much to bear. A law firm experienced in wrongful death litigation might ease the financial burden and help the deceased person’s family find closure.