To lose a loved one is never easy. Death is hard to process, especially when the death feels unfair and you are seeking justice in Georgia for your relative or spouse. Wrongful death, according to FindLaw, occurs when a person dies due to negligence or misconduct. This is not a criminal charge but looks to a third party as responsible for the death. How can you cope with this kind of loss?

While you seek justice for your loved one, you also have to deal with the death on your own time. explains how the first step in coping with the pain of an unexpected and unfair loss is to acknowledge that you are grieving. Let yourself acknowledge the pain and accept your grief for what it is and what it may do to your emotional state. You should be aware that the process is different for all people. Your grief is unique.

Never face your grief alone. Look for support amongst those who care about you and who understand. Likewise, take care of yourself. Many people struggle to take care of themselves, but it is crucial to do so as you heal. The symptoms of grief vary. Some experience shock and sadness, whereas others may react with anger and fear. Some will go through a range of all emotions in a way to cope with it. This is all healthy as long as you accept that you are, in fact, grieving.

Grief can also manifest physically. Some may experience nausea, weight loss or insomnia due to the loss. It is crucial to seek support and help when dealing with a loss.