In today’s business environment, there is a war between gathering customer information so you can properly market and protecting that information from hackers. It is fairly obvious that if you collect information from customers and you do not keep it safe from a cyber-attack, then your business will suffer. It could end up putting you out of business because customers lose faith in your company. That is why you need to know what could pose a cyber threat to your Georgia business.  

You must stay on top of what your employees are doing n the internet. According to Wired, something as simple as a browser extension could corrupt your whole network. All it takes is one employee who installs something on a computer attached to your network to infect every computer n the network. You have to set rules and guidelines for downloads and installations to protect your business.  

Snooping smart devices are another concern. Smart devices are relatively new, so you may not use them in your business just yet, but you should still be aware of how they could sink your ship. These devices can gather information. If you have trade secrets or other sensitive information, you need to make sure your smart devices are not listening in.  

Nothing will ruin your company image like a hacked social media account. Letting a hacker get into your account and make posts that the public think come from you is a great way to alienate customers and leave a very bad taste in their mouths. Make sure that you safeguard your online accounts and change your passwords often. This information is for education and is not legal advice.