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Eric Eberhardt and Bill Hale founded Eberhardt & Hale, L.L.P. in 2002 after working together earlier in their legal careers as prosecutors in a District Attorney’s office. Together they have more than 35 years of legal experience and provide their clients with skilled and effective legal representation. They developed and honed their trial skills as prosecutors in numerous challenging cases and now use those skills to protect their client’s rights and achieve their goals in cases involving serious accidents, criminal charges and civil disputes.

Though they are determined and effective in the courtroom, as good attorneys they know that a successful outcome does not always mean litigation. The lawyers of Eberhardt & Hale, L.L.P. also use negotiation and mediation to achieve solutions for their clients, particularly in the area of family law. Additionally, the firm provides advice and legal services in wills and estate administration matters, business law, and real estate law.

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